Jero Sings Jamiroquai with Chapman Stick 10


The Chapman Stick or The Stick is an electric musical instrument invented by the Californian luthier Emmett Chapman in the late sixties. The first models were for his personal use and consisted of 7 and 8 strings. After years of development, the first Chapman Sticks were sold in 1974 with 10 strings. Chapman wanted to create a mix between bass and guitar, which is executed using the "tapping" technique, consisting of playing the instrument by its neck with both hands pressing the strings on the fingerboard. At first he called it "The electric Stick" or "The electric stick". Unlike the guitar, which requires you to pluck the strings with one hand and press them with the other, the stick only requires pressing them using both hands. For this reason, it allows the execution of multiple notes regardless of the pitch distance. This property makes the stick an unusual instrument, as it is compared more to a keyboard than to a guitar. This type of execution allows the instrumentalist to play basses, chords, and melodies simultaneously.
The instrument that Chapman himself continues to manufacture has evolved from its 7-string origin, and there are currently different models of 8 strings (Stick Bass, especially for bassists), 10 strings strong> (Standard Stick) and 12 strings (Grand Stick), both special for composing due to their harmonic distribution. The strings of the "Standard Stick" are divided into 2 groups: the bass one —tuned by perfect 5ths, from the sixth to the tenth— in which both melodies and linear as backing chords; and the second —called the melody, tuned by perfect 4ths from the fifth to the first— with which you can performguitar lines or expand the chords of the first group of strings. The different models of the instrument are made with different woods and each one has a different type of tuning. You can choose between several types of microphones, such as the stereo microphone that allows you to divide the sound into two signals. The Stick also has its steel frets and even an adjustable bridge.